1. When they prank Yugyeom, they were all gung ho about it but when they prank JB, the first thing they ask is “But what if we get hit?”

  2. eldest &maknae <3
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  3. Team members, even though I’m inadequate in many areas, I’m thankful for your trust and for following me. Though individuality is important, but for the team, I hope we will become an outstanding GOT7. The hardship & exhaustion we experience now is for more things to happen in the future. Hence we will give stress to each other; this is for GOT7 too. Enduring it for GOT7, and concentrating on working harder; I hope we will become this kind of GOT7. Let’s work harder to become outstanding GOT7. I love you all." - JB (x)

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  4. Eunhyuk instagram update:

    DH: this is donghae instagram..updating..

    EH: *laughs*

    DH: lets go..ELF..lets go

    EH: I wish the phone would blow up


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  5. eunhyukee44: A while later

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  6. shiningdonghae:

    Han.. Si.. Woo.. T.T 

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  7. Please control your face
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  8. dongdonglee1015: Good morning Japan :) http://instagram.com/p/qxasxSIbVd/
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cr:掌心witheunhae | photo by eting_hk└ Terms of use → Full copyright goes to the photographer.Any kind of modification and commercial use is prohibited.

    cr:掌心witheunhae | photo by eting_hk
    └ Terms of use → Full copyright goes to the photographer.
    Any kind of modification and commercial use is prohibited.

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  10. poor Suzy (×_×;) 

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